Nemo isn't just a fish sea creatures were trying to find. Nemo was also a wicked winter storm that caused a big pileup four years ago. By the way, Weather Channel, stop naming snow storms.

On this day February 8, 2013 winter storm Nemo visited Maine. On Interstate 295 in Falmouth 19 vehicles where involved in a pileup. It took police and wreckers four hours to clear the scene.

Police said it all started when one car spun out of control, which led to five other vehicles consequently colliding with it. Miraculously only one person required being transported to the hospital that day.

The largest pile-up in Maine was February 25, 2015. 75 vehicles in total where involved in the wreck. For more than four hours, northbound travel on Interstate 95 between Newport and Bangor was shut down as crews untangled the snarled mess of vehicles.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

According to State Police the initial crash involved 25 vehicles which sparked chain reaction collisions. The wreck stretched three miles. 50 vehicles had to be towed from the scene, the rest were damaged but driveable.

Take a trip down memory lane with some pictures from the scene here.

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