It's strangely good to be back from vacation. I know most people would hardly ever say that, but I really love my job. A lot of people hardly ever say that, too. But anyhow... In light of all the craziness that's been dominating the news recently, I wanted to share something that happened that kind of saved my faith in humanity.

Last week, right at the beginning of my vacation, we got a bit of snow. Nothing serious, but the first snow so far this year that made the plow guy show up at my house. The typical 6 or 7 inches. And if there's one thing I regret about not living closer to town anymore, is that I can't always help out my mom quickly and easily.

The last several weeks, being the angel that she is, my mom has been staying with a friend who's recuperating after a stay in the hospital. The day after the storm, the plow guy had been to the house, but that person only plows. So, the steps and walkway were still covered in snow.

A package arrived from FedEx, and when the guy came to the door to deliver the package, my mom apologized for the steps and walkway not being clear, and as she chatted briefly with the driver, she kind of explained how it was just her and her friend. She shut the door and didn't think much of it.

Several minutes later, she heard a noise outside, and as she looked out the window, the FedEx driver had the shovel out and had cleared the steps and the walkway. the snow was so powdery, it honestly probably only took the guy two minutes. But in that two minutes, there was no politics, there was no agenda... Just a guy doing a good deed.

He was gone by the time my mom got herself together enough to get to the door and thank him. We never got his name, and haven't been able to figure out who was driving in her neighborhood that day. But whoever that guy is, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking out for my mom.

Obviously, I'd have been just as happy to do it myself, but I'm glad someone helped her out when I couldn't. there are still a lot of good people in this world. Even when it doesn't seem like it as much these days. Hopefully, we start to see more of that in 2021.

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