It's amazing how shameless people can be about stealing.

It doesn't matter what the crime is, I'll always be kind of flabbergasted at people who will go to what feel like crazy extremes, to rob people of their money. It always seems like if these people put half this amount of effort into earning their money legally, they'd probably be quite successful. But hey, this just isn't the world we live in.

I'm always especially surprised at how callous people can be when it comes to scamming people via some kind of charity. Or people who scam old folks. There must be an additional thrill beyond the money. These must just be awful people who want to hurt others, and take they're money while they do it.

Like trying to steal people's money by pretending to be the fire department.

Case in point, down in Orland, the Fire Dept. put out a Facebook post this week letting people know there was a text scam going around, that was tarnishing their good name. People were getting texts from the "fire department" letting them know that the department had Orland Fire Dept. t-shirts for sale, and they were being discounted.

Now, a good person wanting to support the fire department might be intrigued by this and try to purchase it to support their local fire fighters. But it's a fake account that will likely grab your account info. If you're lucky, they'll just take your money for the shirt. If not, all your money might disappear.

The Orland Fire Dept. wants to let people know they've never raised money via t-shirt sales, and if they ever did, it would happen like this. So they're urging anyone who may receive this message to ignore it and give absolutely no personal info. And, who's to say what town these scammer will pose as next?

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