Oscar is an orange cat with short fur and a chip on his shoulder. This handsome fellow was very offended when he lost his home, and it has taken him several weeks to forgive the folks there at the SPCA shelter.

Luckily, Oscar can be won over if you treat him with respect. They have noticed that he definitely picks out shelter visitors whom he likes, and these people get to pet him until he purrs and relaxes happily. Oscar is six years old.

Although Oscar has decided to tolerate sharing his community room with other cats, workers there can tell that he would much prefer a home where he does not have to share as much. He likes to have his own space, both from people and other animals. If he has his own space, he’s much better at sharing and socializing!
Oscar comes to find you when he wants attention and disappears to take a nap when he needs some quiet time.
And, if that annoying half-grown kitten comes up to sniff his tail one more time, he’s still going to bop her on the head with his paw.
Call the shelter at (207) 667-8088 to schedule a meeting, or just drop by!

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption. It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton. It’s open Wednesdays through Sundays between 11 AM – 5 PM. Donations are always accepted! They will take your returnable bottles as a donation, so please drop them off!

Email them at info@spcahancockcounty.org. Follow them on Facebook and check out the website too!

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