For a lot of us, seeing a moose in Maine is still a thrill!  It's especially pleasing when escorting someone from out-of-state around the area and a moose pops out of the woods to say hello.  So, with that in mind, we've assembled some of our favorite moose videos taken right here in the Pine Tree State!  By the way, we like our critters alive!

Here's an aerial view of a mother and her calf entertaining someone in a mini-van on the side of the road in Rangley.

Here's a guy on the Interstate that is so very excited that he's seen a moose that we think he's about to make a bigger mess in the front seat than the animal ever would.

Time for Bullwinkle to take a bath!  Great footage shot here from Baxter State Park, and featured on the CBS TV program, Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.

Here's something that you don't see everyday, a young moose haulin' butt across one of southern Maine's most popular tourists attractions, York Beach.  Apparently the beach wasn't as secluded as he thought.

Here's a very inquisitive moose wondering exactly what this machine on skis is all about.  Apparently there's nothing to eat here, so off she goes.

Mama didn't mind posing for a video until this tourist approached her young one, then things changed real quick!

Now this wasn't shot in Maine, but we think it's one of the all-time best moose videos.  Two meandering critters just casually strolling up a path and by a very cautious bike rider.  Cool.

Another not shot in Maine but currently making it's way across Facebook show two moose checking out the new Toyotas at a dealership in Anchorage, Alaska!  No hybrid Prius for these two, they're in search of some real horsepower!

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