How does this even still happen?

For real... How is this even a thing in 2021?! Actually, if you ask bus drivers, they say it's actually getting worse than ever. People just drive right past buses that are clearly flashing their lights and dropping off or picking up kids. How is it that people can be that blatantly stupid? Or are they just selfishly frustrated at being behind a bus?

According to News Center, bus drivers here in the Bangor area say the problem is getting worse because of distracted driving. This is funny because Maine has some pretty hefty distracted driving laws. Bus drivers say they see people texting, people talking on their phones and not paying attention, or god knows what else.

In addition to any fine, you may also have your license suspended for 30 days. All for being a distracted or impatient jerk, frankly.

You didn't necessarily get away with it when you passed the bus.

These days, bus drivers are doing their best to fight back. Sgt. Wade Betters from the Bangor PD said to News Center, "The bus will radio dispatch, a description of the vehicle, the plate number, a description of the person driving that vehicle, the street and the time that it happened, and they generally provide a pretty good description of the person driving."

Then police will take all that information, and potentially track you down and issue you a ticket. In addition to any fine, you may also have your license suspended for 30 days. All for being a distracted or impatient jerk, frankly. And, busses also often have video equipment attached. So they may even get you on video.

Look, it's 2021. Kids ride busses. Buses are everywhere in the morning and the afternoon. Just follow the law. It's that simple. Put the phone away. Slow down. Pay attention. And simply.... don't be that guy. Or girl. Just make the road a safe place for kids during those times of the day. Be a hero, instead of an idiot.

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