A new video released by the animal rights group has got lobster processors boiling.

The controversial animal rights group has released a video, claiming a Maine lobster processor is engaging in the 'cruel mutilation of lobsters.' The video is allegedly filmed at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster processing plant in Rockland. It was filmed by an undercover PETA investigator that worked at the plant for a short time.

The video shows lobsters limbs being ripped off as they are still alive. After, the worker drives the body into a spike that separates the shell surrounding the head and body.

No state has laws that govern how crustaceans are killed, mostly because of the belief that they can't feel pain. Their nervous systems are very simple. They have enough neurons to detect threats but not enough for them to feel pain. That's according to a 2005 study.

Recent studies suggest otherwise, however. One study gave crabs an option of two shelters. One would shock them upon entry, one would not. The crabs were exposed to this experiment twice. Crabs that were shocked went into the other shelter, while the ones that weren't shocked went back to the same shelter.

PETA says they will file a criminal complaint with local police and the District Attorney. They cite laws that criminalize "intentionally killing animals by any method that does not cause instantaneous death." PETA is calling for processors to use a Crustastun. It's a gadget that shocks and kills lobsters in seconds.

Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher said in a statement:

'[PETA's claims are] nothing more than another disingenuous attempt to advance their agenda and negatively impact Maine's most important coastal industry and the economy it supports. What is shown in [a PETA] video is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, including Maine's animal-welfare statute.'

What do you think?

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