With the emergence of social media, photos of our area police officers spread like wildfire!  Take a look at our collection, and vote for your favorite!

It's certainly no secret in our neck of the woods that Belfast Police officer Daniel Fitzpatrick came across two young goats on the lam this past Sunday, as a matter of fact the story made national news!  But, it was the photo that struck us, of the two kids in the back of the cruiser looking through the barrier window and sniffing the gun barrels, and the look on Fitzpatrick's face kind of said it all was well!

We think that the picture of Bangor Police officer Eddie Mercer and his unexpected troublemaker riding in the backseat kicked it all off in 2015 when the photo was posted to the ever popular Department's Facebook page.  That too made national news, and officers all over the land began posting photos of themselves with animals of every sort!

There were cows on the loose selling products door to door without a license in Connecticut, and then more unruly bovines in Windham that just couldn't be controlled.  All making the national news in this content starved digital age.

We think it's an inspiration to us all when cops show the love to our four legged friends, and especially cool when they take the time to snap a shot and then post it to social media.

Below are five of our best-loved photos, please vote for your favorite, and if we missed one, please post it to our station's Facebook page!

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