We've all experienced a Maine adventure at some point.

I can't say I remember my first trip to Reny's. I'm not even sure when it was. But certainly, we all know their iconic commercials. Their little jingle has been sung by kids, grownups, choirs... you name it. It's legendary. The commercials themselves are probably as well known throughout Maine as the stores themselves.

From Dexter to Wells and a ton of places in between, it's as legendary in Maine as Marden's. If you need new boots, fishing pole, and a bag of gluten-free sweet potato chips... and a fancy tote bag to carry it all in, Reny's is the place to go. There is literally something everyone needs, every time you go.


The Pittsfield Reny's is finally upgrading their digs.

In a Facebook post from the Heart of Pittsfield Facebook page, it would seem that the Reny's in Pittsfield is about to upgrade their location. If you've ever been into their current location, it's kind of a meandering, sprawling adventure that's full of twists and turns. They're allegedly moving into the old Walgreen's location at 506 Somerset Avenue.


What's interesting, is that Reny's has been in their current Main Street location since 1968, which would explain why the store kind of meanders about. It's likely made small expansions over the years, and had to do it where they were. This new location should likely open things up and add some continuity to the shopping experience.

I have to say though, there will probably plenty of folks who will always be fond of the original location. Nostalgia can be strong in small towns and change can sometimes be a sticking point. Regardless, congrats to Reny's for being able to upgrade into a sweet new location. Good times are ahead for sure.

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