Drinking on flights; people do it, and for many different reasons.

But when the drinking gets out of hand, the planes sometimes end up having to make a detour to land safely somewhere nearby so that those who are drinking can be dealt with.

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That's apparently what happened this past Monday when a flight bound for Manchester, England ended up grounded in Bangor, Maine.

Bangor International Airport, Google
Bangor International Airport, Google

According to Fox 22 Bangor, 36-year-old men Anthony Kirby, and  Damien Murphy, both from Manchester were traveling from Cancun, Mexico back to their home in England when the crew of the plane refused the pair, who had been partaking in some boozy beverages, any more alcohol.

So the pair allegedly dipped into their personal stash for a nip or two. That's when things got out of hand and authorities say the men made racial slurs to the airline workers.

"An FBI affidavit says the men were among a group of three disruptive passengers who retrieved alcohol from a carry-on bag after being denied service on the Monday flight from Cancun to Manchester...

The TUI Airways captain diverted the flight to Bangor, Maine, after the cabin erupted in chaos."

Fox 22 Maine says the pair were charged with assault and interfering with the flight crew, and made their initial appearances in court Tuesday, after being held without bail.

Maine's 10 Busiest Commercial Airports

Maine's aviation connection is mostly considered two entities, the Portland Jetport and the Bangor International Airport.

These two facilities unquestionably handle the bulk of the commercial aviation in state. However, there are a number of smaller airports that also help ship people out of Maine.

Here is a look at the 10 busiest airports in Maine.

the information used comes from 2019 FAA statistics. This means these ridership numbers are from before the pandemic.

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