Face it, we've had a good run. It's been one of the few silver linings of the quarantine, is that police haven't been out nitpicking about registration stickers. For that matter, to be fair, they've also been pretty relaxed about non-excessive speeding and inspection stickers as well. For some folks that's been a big deal.

Between people being out of work, some garages being closed, the DMV closed up tight, and the overall slow pace of life in general right now, it's been hard to get anything done involving your car. But as easy as we've had it for the last couple months in that regard, the state has begun to let people know that the time has come.

Starting July 11th, according to WMTW - TV8, police will begin issuing tickets for out of date registrations. I imagine they'll start to become a bit less forgiving about some of those other things too, especially with tourists trickling in from out of state. All that casual speeding we've been doing will probably be more frowned upon now.

They will also extend this to expired driver's licenses. With the DMV being closed around the state, folks have had a little reprieve form that as well. But with those offices opening in at least a limited capacity on June 1st, that gives people a solid 5 weeks to get things sorted out.

The other real bummer that no one is really talking about is that if you were lax on registering your vehicle, you don't get a new registration date. so if you have been skipping it since say February, you'll have to do it again in February. So it'll kinda feel like you're doing it twice in one year. But hey... at least you didn't get a ticket right?

I suppose it's possible they may do something about that in light of the circumstances, but probably not. But hey, like I said, we've had a good run. Someone had to pull the plug on it at some point. But hey, if you are out of date, you got several more weeks of living large. Or at least, unregistered.

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