Strap on the bib, because the results are in!

For the past week or so we've been asking our online readers along with our on air listeners where exactly their favorite barbeque food is located here in eastern Maine.  Of course some of the responses were, "In my kitchen", and we bet that it is.

But, we were more interested in the name of your favorite barbeque restaurant or food truck.  So, we put the question out there and then stood here in the studio dreaming of tender brisket that had been cooking all day, yummy coleslaw, baked beans, and our favorite beverage.  Oh yes, and watermelon for desert.  Of course.

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Admittedly, we drooled a little while awaiting the results. But as anyone knows grilling a rack of ribs, then strapping on a bib and grabbing a bunch of paper towels before eating them takes a little bit of effort, but it's worth it.  So are the results of our poll.

So, we've covered hamburgerspizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwichesbreakfast, and ice cream stands.  About time we got off our collective butts and covered barbeque.

Here are the top 10 barbeque places in eastern Maine, according to those who like to dig in.

#10 - Chili's in Bangor

#9 - Swamp Yankee BBQ, Jonesboro

#8 - Texas Roadhouse, Bangor

#7 - Smokey's BBQ & Lobster, Trenton

#6 - Geaghan's, Bangor

#5 - Blue Smoke BBQ food truck, Bangor

#4 - Smoke & Steel, Bangor

#3 - Crazy Dave's Pit BBQ, Orland

#2 - Mainly Meats, Bar Harbor

#1 - Moe's Original BBQ, Bangor

Special merit is also given to Dave's Roadside BBQ in Belfast, Acadia BBQ & Lobster in Trenton, and Flander's BBQ in Sullivan.

Dig in, everyone!

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