Hundreds of our listeners cast their vote for their favorite pizza joint in eastern Maine, and NOW we have a winner for 2021.

We began our poll back on National Pizza Day, which was Tuesday, February 9th, and if the average American does indeed eat 23 lbs. of pizza per year, we're figuring that you've consumed at least a half a pound or so between then and now.

Can anyone say, yummy?  We knew you could.

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So we put the poll question out there; "Where is the best pizza in eastern Maine?"

We listed just about every pizza place that we could remember and also find with help from both Yelp and TripAdvisor. We also asked advice from some of the bigger pizza eaters here at the radio station, but they didn't offer anything up to us because their mouths were filled.

So the poll is officially closed and here we are with the results.  Belly up everyone, and enjoy!


POLL RESULTS: The Best Pizza In Eastern Maine For 2021

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