Parker's Restaurant is a favorite place to go for many in Portland but for one tenacious Mama duck it was a great place to stay.
Seems that some time ago this little duck had chosen the flower bed outside the restaurant to make her nest as reported by NewsCenter.  Dining room manager Elise Seavey with help from Google and the Maine State Game Wardens watched over the brood for about a month. Then came the faithful day of hatching and it was time for Mama to move the family across the road to the pond.
God Bless Seavey, a woman after my own heart, she stopped what she was doing grabbed a few more people from the restaurant and guarded the group all the way to safety. Including stopping traffic and patrolling for neighborhood cats and dogs.
In the end ll was well with Mama and Elise Seavey says she is welcome back next year if she'd like.

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