It's no question that the pandemic has hit most of us pretty hard. Paying rent can feel almost impossible, keeping food on the table feels like a delicate balance, and keeping food on the plates of pets, unfortunately, is becoming impossible for some.

This has resulted in an uptick of animals being left at shelters. Often with nothing more than a note.

It's worth pointing out here that if you can no longer care for your pet, shelter staff is not there to shame you but to help you. So, please, drop off your pet during regular business hours.

The animals being left aren't just dogs or kittens, but snakes too.

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Mr. Drew is located here in Maine and is a well known and respected educator and expert on reptiles and other critters. He's often the first call when shelters get animals they are ill-equipped to care for.

Recently Kennebec Valley Humane Society reached out as they discovered a ball python named O'dell was left outside their building with a note. The note explained that the owners are struggling and can't afford to care for him any longer and that he hasn't eaten in weeks.

Mr. Drew, of course, took O'dell in and posted a reminder on Facebook that sadly, this situation has been anything but unusual during the pandemic. He shared his donation link as well as an Amazon wish list for anyone willing and able to help him as he continues to take in more abandoned animals during this difficult time.

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