I have neighbors who are State Troopers, and they rock!

It's not just nice to have troopers for neighbors because it makes you feel safer. It turns out my neighbors are just awesome folks who are fun to be neighborly with. Occasional bonfires, dogs barking at each other across the yards, and whatever other totally normal neighbor activities you can think of. In other words, they're normal folks doing normal things.

But I have wondered, looking at the cruisers, if there was anything specific about the license plates on them. They're typically 3-digit plates, and often when you see the Maine State Police post photos about new troopers passing muster with the powers that be, you always see them adding the new plate to their vehicle. But, why?

The numbers on the plate give a LOT of info about who's in there.

According to a post from the Maine State Police on Facebook, the numbers on a new Trooper's plate give a lot of information about them and their cruiser. So, it goes like this... The first number indicates the Troop they belong to, the second number shows which section within their troop they work for. Lastly, the third number gives the actual geographic location that they're assigned to within their Troop.

Granted, you'd have to know a bit more about the State Police to know some of the lingo of what the second and third numbers mean. But just the same, there's a lot of info on those plates. So it's a big deal for a new Trooper to be plated in at graduation. It's gotta feel like you're finally getting your own set of keys to your folks car, hahaha.

It's pretty cool to know that there's a purpose in just about everything to do with their vehicles. I always knew it couldn't possibly be random numbers troopers had on their cruisers. I always just assumed it identified them in some manner, and I was right! I just hope I never have to find out what's on the inside of one of their cruisers.

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