For nearly 40 years, folks traveling along Main Street in Bangor have been greeted by one of the most beautiful storefronts in the city.

Rebecca's Gift Shop has been brightening up Bangor for decades, but the owners, Rick and Rebecca Vigue, are finally ready to pass the torch and are looking for someone to carry on their legacy when they retire this year.

Rebecca's 1, Cori Skall
Rebecca's 1, Cori Skall

They made it official online this week, with a post on their social Rebecca's Gift Shop Facebook Page.

"Rebecca's is a turn-key operation with tremendous growth potential, offering the chance to step into a thriving business seamlessly. The sale includes remaining inventory and displays, and we're committed to assisting for a smooth transition. This presents a fantastic opportunity for someone aspiring to be their own boss, infusing creativity and fun into our ever-expanding downtown. If you're intrigued by this prospect, we invite you to reach out to Rebecca's at (207) 945-3588."

Rebecca's 3, Cori Skall
Rebecca's 3, Cori Skall

With shelves and racks full of beautiful gifts and knick-knacks, Rebecca's has always been a pretty place not only to pass by but to stop into.

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Betsy Lundy with the Downtown Bangor Partnership commented that Bangor wouldn't be what it is today had it not been for the folks from Rebecca's doing what they did so well.

"Rick, Rebecca and their dedicated staff have welcomed Bangor area residents and visitors from all over the world for nearly four decades. They believed in downtown Bangor when almost no one else did. They owned and meticulously maintained their own building and when the weather is nice, Rick is often outside sweeping the sidewalk and connecting with neighbors and passers by."

Rebecca's 2, Cori Skall
Rebecca's 2, Cori Skall

Folks took to the comments section of their social media page to share their memories and wish the family well in their retirement.

One person wrote "You both will be missed but you definitely deserve retirement. Your Christmas open house became a favorite event! After our yearly photo on the stairs we had the perfect jumpstart to girls night. I hope the perfect buyers comes forward because there are so many things I still want in the store!"

Another shared, "These Very dedicated owners have certainly earned their time to have a little break and enjoy life. I am so happy for them! These wonderful people are so deserving of a retirement where they will be able to spend time with Family."

Lots of hopes are hoping that whoever takes over, will continue to provide Bangor with a beautiful place to shop. "Oh, I love your shop! And chatting while I check out. Hoping you find a buyer who will continue the legacy you created! It's always one of my go-to places when I need something special!"

Best of luck to the Vigue family in their retirement.

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