Theft is the worst part of owning a business.

It doesn't matter what kind. You assume all your customers are honest people. You want to believe they all have your best interest at heart, but deep down, a lot of people are just out for themselves and don't really give a hoot what it might mean to others. I suppose it's the worst when it's your employees, but that's another story.

Momo's Cheesecakes in Ellsworth has had a unique approach over the last several years. You could stop by Momo's anytime and grab what you need and just leave money. Yup, totally on the honor system. But it's that very thing that's in question after recent thefts at Momo's have left them sadly scratching their heads.

People have been caught on video, taking items and not paying.

According to WABI, one woman pulled up in here car, and took a bunch of fudge. the ironic part was that you could clearly see her holding her wallet in the video, while she was stealing the fudge. That same day a while later, a man came and seemingly put some money in the box, but then walked back and took all the money inside, and left with the all the cakes.

Momo’s owner Brenda Ledezma owner told WABI about how unfair it was to all the people who work late at night that often use the honor system and after-hours feature because they wouldn't otherwise be available to get things from Momo's. She also said if the thefts keep up, she'll start posting the videos of the thieves online.

Momo's intends to keep the honor system in place for now, but are worried about the future. But it's probably important to note, if you ever do steal from Momo's they could just turn the info to the police. So if you do try and do it, make sure to smile. You'll be on Candid Camera.

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