People from away never stop amusing me.

I suppose it's true in just about any state you're from, but I never get tired of the wild misconceptions people from away have about Maine. It ranges from people thinking we have the worst winters in the US, to people thinking we have polar bears... you name it. The list never ends of stupid things people think about us.

As I was cruising Reddit today, I saw a person who said they were in the Southwestern US and had family moving here, and they said they heard that the reason we all have riding mowers around here is because of the snakes. Naturally, that idea stopped me dead in my tracks. Mostly because I thought this might be the dumbest misconception I've heard yet.

Wait, what?!?

If you head over to this post on Reddit, you can read for yourself, but in a nutshell, they make the statement that we need riders because snakes nest in tall grass. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I mean, first off, I don't personally let my lawn get to be 12+ inches tall in between mows. Second of all, the closest animal I've seen to a snake in my grass is a small frog. That ain't no snake, bub.

Now, before you think you're wasting time going to check out this post, be advised that the comment section is absolute pure gold. No one completely shredded the guy, but he was definitely made aware of his silliness. But for real, if you just need a solid chuckle today, simply click this link end enjoy. You'll be tired from belly laughs...


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