Over the weekend, in all that 'wonderful' heat, I hung out at camp with the family. It was 46 billion degrees at least, but we had the cool blue lake to to chill out in, and take the edge off. Our camp is on a super quiet cove, so the best part of coming to camp for me, is just the chance to relax a bit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Upon the shocking discovery that I was out of charcoal, I even made a drive up to the local store to get a new bag. A fresh bag of Kingsford, and a rack of PBR's in hand, I stepped out into a typical Eddington Saturday night. A few cars passing by on the Airline, and the hum of crickets in the distance. Just the way I like it.

A friend of mine of Facebook posted a YouTube video of an apparently altogether different Saturday night in Rockland however, that makes me wish maybe I'd gotten out of the house. It comes across better as just one, long, run-on sentence....

Someone shot a video, of someone painting the street in wildly vibrant colors, followed by a "vehicle" made from what looks like a unicycle tied to a rain barrel pulling a red wagon, with one guy juggling fire torches and another guy alternately playing the harmonica and the didgeridoo......Check it out:

Go ahead and read that sentence again if you want. But no matter how many times you do, it won't make much more sense. Not that it needs to, really. I don't disapprove of any of things at all. But in my mind, it made me chuckle that within an hour's travel by car, you could be having two verrrrrry different evenings.

But, this is one of those things I love about Maine. All these things are happening at the same time, all over the state. Depending on where you park your car for the night, you can have just about any experience you can imagine. And for that, I never stop being thankful.

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