Hampden has grown a lot since I was a kid.

This whole area of Penobscot County has in tons of ways, but when I grew up there, the population was barely 5,000. These days it's swollen up to almost double that. New schools, new town office... you name it. Hampden has had to change with the times like any place that grows every year.

The next item on the docket seems to be what's going to be done about the intersection of Route 1A and Western Ave. You may have noticed recently, that the town tore down the house on the corner. That was the first step in changing up what happens at this intersection. So what's next?

The town would like your opinion on what happens next.

There's been some speculation about what's going on there. Including the idea of making it a much wider spot to accommodate large vehicles that may need to pass through there... Wind mill blades, for instance. At 200 feet long, it's currently a tight squeeze through there that requires shutting down traffic for them to pass.

This video gives a good idea about how valuable this intersection is...

This month, on February 22nd, the town will hold a public forum on what the next stages of development are for that specific spot. This will take place in Council Chambers, according to a Facebook post from the town. this will be the public's opportunity to share their feeling about the situation.

If you're a resident, there's some neat comments about Mrs. Batey, who lived there for years. Some folks would love to see the spot turned into a nice little green area, but that hardly seems likely. There's been talk for years about wanting to improve the flow through there. All will be revealed soon enough, presumably. Stay tuned...

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