The roar must've been felt for 10, maybe even 20 feet... Yesterday, dozens of hardcore scooter enthusiasts took off from Bar Harbor on a bi-annual trip from Bar Harbor to Eureka, California. That's no little Sunday drive. We're talking about 4,500 miles... on a scooter.

And to the individuals involved, this is no joke. It's an actual endurance race. Of the 90 some-odd riders in the race, there is a full roster of where people are falling in the grand scheme of things. You can even follow the standings online at If that gives you any idea of how serious they are.

Now, don't get me wrong, from what I read from WABI, while these folks take it very seriously, it's all for fun with a grain of salt. Let's face it, you'd have to be just a shade on the nutty side to hop on a little machine that was not made for any of the things that an "endurance race" stands for.

There's nothing overly comfortable about a scooter. Remember, they're more for running across town than across the country. Also, they aren't the least bit fast. As one rider described it, you might hit 65 if you're going downhill with the wind at your back. So, it's going to take a minute to get there.

But, slow and steady is what wins this race. It takes place over ten days, so no one is trying to set a land speed record. But talk about endurance..... 10 days on the back of a scooter, putting on 450+ miles a day to make it to the finish line on time. You've got to have a sense of humor, and a little bit of crazytown inside as well.

But folks gather from all over the country to take part. But again, you've got to appreciate the spirit of the event... Lewis Weigle, of Cleveland, Ohio said this to WABI:

I got an email saying, ‘Hey, here’s a stupid idea,’ and everybody said, ‘Yeah, that’s a stupid idea.’ Except, it sounded like interesting and stupid to me, so it’s a little nuts, but it also looks like an immense amount of fun and a real once-in-a-lifetimer.

Pretty sure he nailed it on the head. Remember, you can follow the dramatic action online, and root for your favorite scooter. Or just keep an eye on how lovably absurd the whole thing is. At any rate, what a way to see the country. No one will ever be able to say you flew through it too quickly. Because, you know.... scooters.

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Bar Harbor Trip

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