Permanent daylight saving time? Kinda sounds nice.

Today a public hearing was held on a bill that would put Maine in the Atlantic Time Zone. The shift would be essentially permanent daylight saving time. This means Mainers would no longer have to 'spring forward' or 'fall back.' In the dead of winter the sun sets in parts of Maine about a half-hour earlier than cities as close as Boston.

Maine would be an hour ahead of states in the Eastern Time Zone, and in the same time zone as parts of Canada and Puerto Rico year-round.

Supporters of the bill says the practice of daylight saving time doesn't make sense in Maine, and is more disruptive than beneficial. They quote studies that show that Americans loose half a billion dollars in productivity a year adapting to daylight saving time.

Those opposed to the bill say the move to Atlantic Time would further isolate Maine from the rest of the country, and will create headaches to those would regularly cross the Maine-New Hampshire boarder.

If the idea gains traction the Committee on State and Local Government will pass the idea onto voters.

What do you think? Should Maine make the move?

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