Powdered alcohol. Yes it's a thing, and like most new things, people want to ban it.

Palcohol (alcohol sold in powdered form) was approved by the federal government for sale to the general public. However, in Maine a ban on powdered alcohol appears to a good as law. Both the senate and the House favor enacting the ban.

Supporters of the ban worry about Palcohol being abused by minors. Because powdered alcohol is sold in small foil envelopes and only needs to simply be combined with water or other liquid, it's easy to smuggle into public events. Another concern from supporters.

If banned, possession, use, sale or furnishing of Palcohol would be a civil violation. Repeat offenders would be charged with a Class E misdemeanor.

Thirty-seven states are also seeking to ban the product.

There's still more discussion and voting to be done before being sent to Governor Paul LePage for consideration.

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