When I was a kid, I thought Davis Pond in Eddington was gigantic.

As a youngster, we spent large chunks of summer at my family camp. And when you're six or seven, everything about the world seems huge. People seem huge. Buildings seem huge. All sorts of things. In particular, in my mind, Davis Pond was pretty much a small step down from the ocean. I assumed it was miles across.

As an adult with access to the internet, I've learned that Davis Pond is actually a relatively small and very shallow pond, just over 400 acres. I think at its deepest point, it's about 15 or 16 feet. You could stand up and drink, as my grandfather used to say. Meaning that you could certainly drown in it.

So what's the difference between a lake and a pond?

On a broad scale, a pond is any body of water under an acre and less than 20 feet deep, and a lake is any body of water over and acre and 20+ feet deep. There's no real specific definition. Although, it seems mostly to point to the size and depth of the water. Although Maine seems to indicate some difference between regular ponds and Great Ponds.

That said, what is Maine's smallest pond?

We've all wondered about what the biggest lakes in Maine are, and what the longest rivers are... But have you ever wondered just how small they get? If you travel down to Phippsburg, you can head to Big Pond, also known as Cape Small Pond. Or some call it a combo of both.

This tiny little puddle is a fat 13 acres, giving it a total circumference of just over half a mile. In simpler terms, you could walk around the entire thing in about ten minutes. There don't seem to be any fish in there, so there's no real reason to visit, other than the thrill of seeing a tiny little mudpuddle. But hey, now you know...

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