We can't escape it forever.

It's true, despite how easy a winter we've had so far. Sure, it's been ridiculously cold at points, but snow hasn't been over-the-top yet. I've only had my plow guy at my house twice so far this season. And as of yet, the snow has barely gotten up to my ankles. But all that looks like it's going to change, starting Friday night.

What might we be looking at for totals?

Of course, today is Monday and this storm isn't arriving until the end of the week, which means things could totally change. But if you look at the 10-day forecast at Weather.com, it's looking like the snow starts Friday night, and is going all day on Saturday, and lingering into Sunday morning.

But if it goes the way it looks right now, as much as 16-20 inches of snow could fall depending on where you are. That's the current projections for here in the Bangor area. Of course, we're always right online for less or more snow. Either way, this has definite potential to be our first large storm of the season.

The last time "they" predicted a big storm, it didn't amount to much here around Bangor. We got maybe 4 or 5 inches. This storm could bring three times that much, easily. It all depends on how many beers Mother Nature's had, as that seems to be the major factor of our weather lately, haha.

We'll definitely keep our eyes on this.

If there are any big changes in one direction or the other, we'll be sure to let you know. But right now, I'd be making sure the snowblower was solid, the milk is in the fridge, and there's plenty of beer and snacks with which to ride out the storm. Good luck, party people.

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