As you might guess, Cori and I have a bit of down time between breaks, and often we get into fairly philosophical conversations about music. And our conversation about the greatest frontperson of all time had a lot of criteria. But the two basic elements it always came down to was talent, and ability to work a crowd.

As we went through our discussion, Cori was leaning pretty heavily toward David Bowie, and I found myself saying David Lee Roth. And then we also had a peek at your answers as they rolled in yesterday. And it became clear that most of you had the same opinion.

Freddie Mercury.

I mean really, he's just the best. If you watch the Live Aid set from back in the day, he had some 70,000+ people singing opera warmups for god's sake! Who could do that now?!

You also had some other fitting and awesome answers. Robert Plant was a popular choice. Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger, and Bret Michaels were also worthy candidates. I was personally excited to see Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden on there. Steve Perry from Journey made a solid showing.

Here's the actual post with all the comments from today.

A couple offbeat comments that gave me a good chuckle.... David Hasselhoff?! I know he's huge in Germany, but I think that's about where it ends. Eric Clapton was another one that made me pause, but hey... to each his/her own. Weird Al was on there too. But, I saw him years ago. Trust me, he puts on a hell of a show.

At any rate, we got something like 40 comments deep today, and we had fun shraing your answers. Soon, I think we're gonna have to go ahead and do worst singers of all time, and see how many of these folks are on that same list. Ha!