Portland's ordnance may soon be statewide.

Democratic House Leader Jeff McCabe submitted a bill which seeks to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places. The bill would prohibit the use of e-cigs or vaporizers where cigarettes are already banned, like restaurants, playgrounds and beaches.

The Health and Human Services Committee was split 6-6 on the measure. One lawmaker who was absent last week can still cast his vote. The bill will now be considered by the full House.

Opponents are backing an amended version of the bill. That version would only ban e-cigs in day care centers, schools and hospitals.

Opponents to the Portland ban say vaping is a tool to help smokers quit smoking, and doesn’t pose any risks public safety. Others say vaping sends the wrong message to teens.
Last week, Portland became the 275th city or county in the country to ban public vaping.