The beauty of living in Maine, is the Stephen King stories never end.

Why yes, you could make that mean that he never stops writing books, but there's a good chance if you ever talk to anyone from Maine, the Bangor are in particular, everyone has some sort of story about running into Stephen King. Or someone knows him, or he's eaten at their restaurant, shopped at their store, whatever. It's Maine. It's a small place.


On the other hand, I also know that artists of just about any nature, often have bizarre habits that seem to offset their brilliance in some way. It's almost the same way athletes develop superstitions around playoff beards or whatever. But sometimes those eccentricities can start tp push other people to their limits.

Apparently, Stephen's wife Tabitha was no exception.

Remember however many years ago, that earworm called "Mambo #5" came out? Lou Bega was all of a sudden everywhere. Some years later, King was constantly cranking an instrumental version of that song so much, that his wife came in and allegedly told him that "One more time, and I’m going to fu&%ing leave you."

Female Hand Burning a Love Message. Sadness Feeling

He listens to instrumental music a lot when he writes because there's no lyrics to distract or, for that matter, possibly influence his own words. As he stated in an interview with Rolling Stone, and also in, you can't listen to Leonard Cohen without listening to the words. So I imagine Lou Bega was just easy to ignore. See for yourself...

Honestly, I don't blame his wife at all. That song can just disappear off the face of the Earth, and most people would be ecstatic. But then sadly, as you listen a bit more, the hook sets in and you're screwed. You'll also find yourself bobbing your head along too. Damn you, Lou Bega...

Maybe one of these songs will bring you as much joy as Mambo #5 brought Stephen King...

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