I have heard people say.."If it has their logo on it they want you to take it" Right.  So needless to say this recent study didn't surprise me in the least until they got to the lamps.

A survey commissioned by Hotels.com finds 35 percent of global travelers admit taking bedding, towels, magazines/books and furnishings such as lamps and artwork.

How many little shampoo bottles do you need? Most hotel guests admit to taking the small toiletries they find in their rooms, but a new survey reveals a large number of guests also have sticky fingers when it comes to the hotel’s towels, bedding and plush robes.

When ranking travelers from different countries for honesty, Danish citizens come out on top, with 88 percent saying they’ve never taken a hotel item.  American travelers are ranked 23rd. Just 66 percent of Americans say they have never stolen an item from a hotel room. For Americans, the most commonly stolen item was linens/towels.

Chinese travelers are tied with Americans when it comes to the percentage who admit stealing hotel items. Well, at least they're honest...about stealing.  The amenities most commonly stolen by Chinese hotel guests were furnishings such as lamps, clocks and artwork.