It's about time winter actually decided to arrive.

This really has been a bit of an odd winter. Actually, it went all the way back into the fall. I remember walking around on Halloween night, practically just in a tshirt. Even when winter did officially arrive, it didn't act like it. For instance, it was just earlier this month that I pulled ticks off my dog when walking him out in our woods. Like, what?! We're just not supposed to have to deal with ticks in winter. It's just wrong.

But finally, in the last week or two, we've started to see what actually looks like winter. There's deep snow on the ground, there's ice everywhere, and it's even kinda cold. I've seen a few nights getting down into the single digits. Again, this is after January temps in the 50's. But that's all going to change this Friday night, into Sautrday.

We're about to take a deep dive into the deep freeze.

I was looking ahead on the weather app on my phone, and I saw scary things about the weekend temps. Pretty much every day this week, it's going to get a little colder, and a bit more blustery. By the time we hit Friday, the high will only be barely over 15 degrees. But over night, the temps will fall to -21 degrees.

And that doesn't even account for the wind chill...

Yup... the low Friday night is -21, but then we'll also have 15-20 mph on top of it, so wind chills can easily reach more than -40 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. Ugh. How can this be? Ok, so it is winter and there's things we can't change about that, hahaha. But still, my whole body shudders just thinking about it.

So bundle up if you have to go anywhere this weekend. Saturday won't bring much relief. The high on Saturday is only supposed to reach zero. So it's gonna be a brutal weekend all the way around. Until it warms up into the 30's on Sunday, creating an artificial heat wave. Can we just skip the middle?

 Here's some fun indoor activities around Maine to beat the cold this weekend.

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