Bathing suits were never made for people like me.

I often tell people I'm in shape. Because well, round is a shape. Of course, calling me round might even somehow be a compliment. I look more like a corn dog in a hoodie, with arms and legs. At this point in my life, I avoid any situation that has me removing my clothes in any way. You'll never just randomly see me with no shirt on.

fat man with towel at health center caring himself

I could literally be on fire, like literally in flames, and I'll be looking for a shirt to try and cover my pasty, white blob of a thorax. Never mind a bathing suit. A bathing suit would give the implication that at some point I will take off further clothing and participate in some kind of aquatic enjoyment. But no, I'd rather trade the trunks for a snowsuit, any day of the week.

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Does your job have a dress code?

Mine sort of does, I guess. There's a general agreement that we all try to look somewhat professional. But lucky for me, I'm not a lifeguard. So no bare body for this guy. I've got a radio tan that would blind the average person. But a lot of folks do have to look a certain way for their job.

Business man adjusting tie
Jon Helgason

For instance, I sort of assume politicians all kind of dress the same. Suits, ties, whatever... So naturally I also assumed there was some kind of dress code. No one comes to the Capitol in jeans and a hoodie, right? Oh, wait... Hold my beer...

That just secretly changed, however.

Fox News reported that Congress has now officially lifted any kind of dress code for work. Apparently, there was some kind of official directive on clothing, and it's gone. One member has been showing up in a hoodie and gym shorts, so this just seems to make that okay now.

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

But U.S. Sen. Susan Collins isn't having it. She joked that she might as well just wear a bikini to work. Following it up with what an absurd idea that would be, but with the new rules, it appears anything goes. She's appalled and says it "de-bases the institution".

As a citizen, I'm not sure I agree or disagree. Part of me says the clothes shouldn't matter. On the other hand, some positions require a sense of formality. Dressing in gym shorts and a hoodie for a Congressional vote seems... odd. But then again, I fought hard to wear shorts at my own job once upon a time. So if SuCo wants to protest the change by showing up in a bikini, you go, girl!

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