Is one of the most wonderful and historic places in our state really haunted?  There's only one way to find out!

Take a ghost tour of Bar Harbor!

Walk the streets and the paths around Bar Harbor and really take notice of stuff, and when you do, you'll truly figure out how mystical the place is!  Just think of the history there.  We were happy to find out that professional ghost tours of the town exist!

The 90 minute tour by a "historically dressed" guide will take you through Bar Harbor's street to places like the Criterion Theatre built in 1932.  Tour operators also tout that they have "recorded evidence of a resident spirit", so I guess we'll have to check this out.

Tickets are affordable at $15 and can be found HERE along with more information.

Maybe during the tour we'll figure exactly what was sitting next to us on this concrete bench on Main Street. Whoever or whatever it was gave us great advice as to where to go for lobster.

DJ Fred and friend sit on a historic concrete bench in Bar Harbor/TSM photo