For the last couple of weeks, like most folks, I've been working from home. In all my years in radio, I never thought this would happen. Granted, technology is a wonderful thing, and is totally making this possible. But it also turns out that I've been set up and waiting for this moment to come for a while.

I have a recording studio set up in my house anyway. I record drum tracks for local artists in Maine, as well as a few clients in other parts of the country. I'm certainly not getting rich doing it, but it's a nice little bit of extra income that sure beats most other side hustles as far as the fun factor.

But it also enabled me with very minimal effort, to begin doing my show live right here from my house. While I do miss getting up and heading to the station, and seeing my co-workers in real life, it's also been pretty nice to roll out of bed, throw on some slippers and head downstairs to do a radio show.

I suppose I could do that when we go back to the office. But I have a feeling DJ Fred would stop me in my tracks and send me right back in the other direction, not sure. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when the time comes.

For now though, enjoy the virtual tour around my little home away from home that's still also at home..... Figure that one out.

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