Interesting people make life, well, more interesting. And when interesting people use what makes them unique to brighten the day of others...that's always a win in my book

That was the case just a few years back...

It was 2019, pre-pandemic when life was a little lighter.

The word about town was that someone was working a local Dunkin Drive-Thru and using a Dracula voice while taking orders.

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Inspired by the idea of potential contact with a fellow oddball character, I hopped in my minivan, with the kids, and hit up each Dunkin, till I found him.

We were told, after the fact, that he was the person in charge of training new hires, which was awesome, because who wouldn't want to learn from such a fantastic character?

Let's all take a little trip down memory a time when coffee shops were open from morning till night, and sometimes you'd even get free entertainment with your daily cup of joe.

Meet Bangor's Drive-Thru Dracula.

Something as little as an extraverted employee being a little bit silly, and making the day of many who passed through his drive-thru line...that's just good business. His innocent antics had an impact on so many folks, only a fraction of which actually took the time to call into the radio station with their report. Imagine just how many other people got the benefit of a smile with their coffee that day?!

Thank you, Drive-thru Dracula, for adding a little something extra to our day. Hope you make an appearance again this year!

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