Is there anything on this list that you would love to see here in the Bangor area?

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Yet again, they have come up with an interesting list that relates to all of us here in the Greater Bangor area. This time, it is all about fast food chains.

I'd like to think that Bangor is a fairly modern city, we have a major concert venue, a huge casino, and plenty of fine dining options, but there are some things that are sorely missing around here.

According to online research performed by YouGov for 2022, these are the Top 10 American Fast Food Chains ranked in order of popularity.

#1 KFC
#2 Arby’s
#3 Subway
#4 Dunkin
#5 Taco Bell
#6 Krispy Kreme
#7 Cinnabon
#8 Wendy’s
#9 Baskin-Robbins
#10 Dairy Queen

Looking at this list, I have a few thoughts:

  • There is no shortage of Dunkin around these parts!
  • For years there was an Arby's by the Bangor Mall, but that left, and oddly enough, they are more popular than ever with their "We Have The Meats" marketing campaign.
  • At one time there was a Baskin Robbins, but that was waaay back in the day.
  • To my knowledge, there may have been a Cinnabon around Bangor too, but I can't place the date on that one.
  • As for Krispy Kreme, that remains a dream unfulfilled.

There are plenty of other fast food options not on this list that would be a welcome addition to town, including Sonic, to name one.

Did we miss any?

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