JStew & Cori here, It's a Halloween themed Throw Back Thursday.... We wanted to know: What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid, and why? And big time bonus points if you can find and post a picture of it!

JStew: Halloween was kind of a mixed bag for me. Because of a childhood operation, I missed some of the festivities. And on top of that, on the years I did Trick or Treat, my costumes were just stupid. Often made up of whatever was lying around the house. Like one year I was a ghost. So, yup. You guessed it. I wore an old sheet. And, my neighborhood was pretty lame. We never went other places either. Ha, I remember one year, in class we decided to collect for UNICEF, and when I went to our principal's house, all he did was complain that now we wanted money on top of all the candy. I think what I'm getting at, is that I kinda hate Halloween. Hahaha.
Cori: Usually my costumes were totally off the wall or obscure, because I was a weird theater kid. But the two favorite from childhood that I remember well were a turtle costume my mom made out of brown paper bags and paint when I was 4 or 5. My second was my Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" costume. My neighbor went as the Scarecrow that year. We looked pretty cool, I think.
Some of the costumes you guys had over the years are amazing, and the photos are over the top! Check it all out!
Dennis Bean The year I went as..."THE LONE RANGER!"
Jen Megquier It’s not of me but my dog. I dressed him as the big bad wolf dressed as Grandma from little red riding hood.
Greg Miller I honestly don't remember exactly any of my costumes, but most of them were those old lame plastic mask, poncho type (yeah I'm that old)
Don Morgan One year, my mom managed to get her hands on a Jolly Green Giant costume. I think it came free with the purchase of several cans of vegetables. Anyway, it was a size too big and it had one of those plastic mask with the rubber band that went around the back of your head. I don't know how many times I was asked to say HO HO HO instead of Trick or Treat. I'm guessing a few million. The most embarrassing moment came when I knocked on the door of a house where several young guys lived. The plume of smoke when they opened the door! (This was 1973...you figure it out.)
I say Trick or Treat and the guy who answered the door calls his buddies over to check out the kid covered in big plastic green leaves. They're all laughing and one of them says "If the cops come we have to flush you kid." Next thing I know my mom is DRAGGING me away from the door while I'm yelling about not getting candy. I'm sure they could have used what they were going to give to me to help with their case of the munchies.
Wendy Clewley Also Im not in costume but have to share anyways lol,This is me a week later when I was jumping on the bed & fell & almost lost my eye.As you can see my brother is ready for Halloween lol.
April Robshaw My homemade cowgirl outfit... because my gram made it .. I'm a country girl.. and it was the last time I saw my Aunt in this picture and we have now reconnected after 44 years not knowing one another.
D-Train Casper the Friendly Ghost plastic costume! I think we saved it from year to year. You know, because they're so durable! Then there's the weird stuff I asked my mom to help me create. "I read this book and there was this character and it looked like this..." She never really knew what I was talking about.
Becky Sutherland How about me as an adult?
Mickey My favorite costume was an Alien outfit. It looked like a real Alien.
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