I'm one of the lucky ones that outgrew most allergies.

When I was a kid, it seemed like I was allergic to everything. Especially poison ivy. But the pollen and seasonal changes were always brutal. These days, I'm mostly just bothered by dust. But most of the outdoorsy stuff, I don't have it anything like I used to. My wife, on the other hand, suffers year-round. And most of all in the spring.

And this time of year as we transition from winter into spring, a lot of folks just lose their minds with allergies. And of course, living in times of Covid, there's always that lingering question as to which is which. And this spring is going to be particularly bad, according to WGME.

Plus, with the symptomology of the omicron variant, it might be a little more difficult to tell which you have. So a lot of folks are gonna be missing work from hayfever because you're waiting for a negative Covid test. As usual, here in 2020-2022, there is just no real clear path to victory, hahaha.

We've had a bit of an early spring, and that's not great for allergies.

We had our first 60+ degree day here in the Bangor area in the third week of February. Since then, we've had lots of days well over 50 degrees, and that's caused plants and trees to get going a bit early. And apparently, there's a higher concentration of carbon dioxide as well, making things worse.

With all of these things combined, we're looking at a longer-than-usual pollen season. Since that's what sets off most people's allergies the hardest, a longer season basically equals more suffering. Ugh. So far, the Roaring '20s have just been awful for people. And dealing with allergy and sinus issues is just the worst.

You can do a few things like keeping your windows closed, showering before bed, and changing your clothes a lot. You could probably also, god forbid, wear a mask. At least if you're working in the yard or whatnot. Mother always said an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. But buckle up kids.... this season is gonna be a toughie.


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