Well guys, we've had a good run. There hasn't been much to be thankful for during this entire pandemic. I certainly don't need to highlight all the stupid things that have happened, and how much our lives have been affected by it. No one has been untouched in this whole scenario.

However, for the longest time, we were able to get away with not having to worry about a lot of official vehicular type things. Gov. Mills had temporarily suspended the BMV for quite some time, and when it did start to re-open, a lot of the grace periods were left in place.

You know how tedious the BMV can be on it's own. Now imagine how long it takes when they can only let certain numbers of people in, social distancing, etc. It takes an already arduous process and made it nearly unbearable. Hahaha. But now, around the state, all the office of the BMV are now open again.

This all means that your number is up if you've still been riding these grace periods and police leniency. Registration tags expired? Here comes a ticket. License expired? No excuses now! It's time to back to the old world of standing in line and waiting your turn, according to WABI - TV5.

Sec. of State Shanna Bellows said this to WABI:

Our team had heard loud and clear from the public, that they need their licenses and IDs, they need their vehicle titles and registrations for other aspects of their lives, and so we heard that message and we are here to serve the public.

Now, if getting in line still isn't right for you, of course you can still do most things online. There's a few you can't, but for the most part it can be done. If that's more your jam, you can do it all that at the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

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