Is my hometown the home of long lost relics of the Knights Templar?

Phippsburg, my home! We got beaches, old military forts and some puzzling rocks. Spirit Pond in Phippsburg is the site where rocks with strange markings were found. Some think it could be a key to finding the Holy Grail, others think they're fake.

May of 1971 is when a dude from Bath who hikes around the pond looking for arrowheads, found the stones. They have been at the Maine State Museum in Augusta since.

Scott Wolter is forensic geologist and host of 'America Unearthed' on the H2 Channel. He has brought life back into the mysterious stones. He believes the stones are a key piece of evidence that the Knights Templar fled to Maine in 1307.

If the famed Knights Templar really did come to Maine, the Holy Grail would have been with them. Wolter claims the Holy Grail isn't a really old pimp cup, rather a list of the descendants from a secret marriage between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. He told the BDN that 'Those stones that you have up there are priceless. They make Plymouth Rock look like a pebble on the beach.'.

Other historians dismiss the rocks all together. They site grammar and language errors on the stones as red flags. Wolter says those errors could be made by Cistercian monks that traveled with the Knights Templar.

The mystery still continues!