We all know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, right? Being the easternmost state we have the privilege of seeing it first! But where exactly is the very first spot? That spot changes throughout the year.

For a scientific explanation, Cornell University's "Ask an Astronomer" website addressed the changing location of the sunrise and sunset and can be read here.

If you're hoping to make the trip to catch the sunrise first, the US National Weather Service, Caribou, made a handy chart so you get it right! Here's the location break-down throughout the year.

Partway through October and into the first part of March you'll want to be on Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor.

Mid-late March head to the easternmost point in the country for the vernal equinox, West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec.

The end of March through the first half of September you'll want to be at Mars Hill, Aroostook County.

For the autumnal equinox in mid-late September through the beginning of October, head back to West Quoddy Head Light!

Here's the handy chart from the NWS in Caribou so you can be sure you get that perfect shot or simply enjoy the moment with someone special.

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