When I read this headline on News Center Maine's website, I almost got kind of mad. Not at the website, but at the thought of the Maine accent as being sexy. I'm not even sure why. On the other hand, it also came in fourth place. So I'd hardly take a victory lap or anything.

But as I was looking at the list, it sort of began to occur to me, is any accent really that sexy? Maybe, I guess. I've always thought a southern accent on a lady sounded quite sonorous. But I've never thought your average Mainer as having an accent that gets anyone's blood racing.

So you don't feel out of the loop, here's the list:

1. Texan
2. Boston
3. New York
4. Mainer
5. Chicago
6. Mississippi
7. Hawaiian
8. Philadelphia
9. St. Louis
10. California

Right out of the gate... What on Earth does a St Louis accent sound like? Or Hawaiian? The original post was at a website called BigSevenTravel.com. And honestly, I question any survey that lets people from away, have any opinion about what our words sound like. We have our own thing, and always will.

But given the choices on the list, Mainers should have been in at least the fourth slot anyway. There's no way a Chicago accent should beat Maine's. They sound silly! But Chicago ahead of California?! Really?! I mean, this survey I found says Chicago has the least attractive accent. And it's true! Listen:

But Mainers.... We got this! Next time We're coming for you Texas!

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