For my wife and I, the Penobscot Theater Company is something we really enjoy. We've been tons of times in the last several years. For reasons I don't fully understand, we never went to plays. But then we went to a couple, and found we loved it. I also have a lot of fond memories of seeing 'A Christmas Carol' many times when I was a kid.

It's always fun tho see the workarounds for theater versus movies. Plays, to me, kind of bridge the gap between a book that requires all your imagination, and a movie that provides almost everything. Theater makes you have to believe that a whole world can exist on one stage that doesn't always change much.

But, things are changing big time this year. In a new twist for the upcoming season, the Penobscot Theater Company is switching to what they are calling 'Digitus Theatrum'. For us everyday Joes, that's their way of describing they way they'll be performing this year. All of their productions will be online, and viewable from your own home.

And while I can say I wouldn't want it to always be like this, I feel like it could be a really fun experiment that brings out a whole new side of acting. Earlier in the spring, Saturday Night Live for instance, went to a similar vibe, by having to everything with no audience, but still find a relatable way to present the material. It was kinda cool.

According to WABI - TV5, in this new format, plays will look kind of like a Zoom meeting, but it will be interesting to see how they overcome these challenges, and try to use the format to their advantage. You can go to PTC's website and reserve tickets for shows. There's also different tiers of purchasing, as well as various incentives.

Sure, it's gonna look and sound different. But they're trying their hardest to keep theater alive in Bangor. My wife and I think we may enjoy being able to watch from home, with a crackling fire, and whatever snacks we want without disturbing anyone. Not to mention, being able to watch in our pajamas. Does it get any better?!

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