There doesn't seem to be a shortage of opportunities for crooks to rip people off right now. And worse, it's often done in the most vulnerable ways. Whether it's stealing stimulus checks from people, or scamming their account info, it's just infuriating. And now, it's starting to happen with face masks.

According to WGME - TV13, due to the nationwide shortage of N95 masks, Maine FDA has approved the use of KN95 masks. They're very similar to the N95 masks, but don't offer the same amount of overall protection as a true N95 device. And now the state of Maine is saying an alarming amount of the KN95 masks are fake.

They're warning folks that if they have been using the KN95 masks, they should discontinue use until they can check the product they have against the state's list of verified devices. You can see that list right here, from the FDA's website. You can also read the CDC's statement about fake masks here.

It's sad that this is where we're at. People, companies, whoever... trying to take advantage of people at the worst time. But don't lose faith. We're all in it together and will come out on the other side. But it would be nice if we took care of each other. so let's do that, shall we?

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