The National Confectioners Association did a survey of late and oh boy are they telling tales on you my friend.

For example 81 % of parents steal their kids candy. Define stealing you say.  Well that would be the 26 % who wait until the kids in bead to take what you want! Oh you are evil!!

No worries though there should be plenty to share. Turns out about 3/4 of us plan to have the porch light on next Thursday to treat the local ghouls and boys.

We have also crowned chocolate as the confection of choice on All Hallows Eve to the tune of 72% of those polled..Sweet!

Amazingly enough candy corn they say can in second…Bleh! you can have mine.

Not so amazing 6 out 0f 10 of us buy what WE want to eat…well duh!

Be warned the younger the person handing out the candy the more likely they will let the trick or treater choose, translation, make sure you get your favorites first.

And finally, most of us agree that if it is limited to the Holiday knock yourself out and eat all you want.