What's this Wednesday brought about an object that if you don't immediately know what it is, you'll likely never guess. But if you did, you'd spot it immediately.

It's a campfire/stovetop toaster!

Photo JStew
Photo JStew

JStew: I sent this to Cori earlier today, feeling relatively confident she wouldn't recognize it right away. That's not to say Cori is afraid of the outdoors or anything, but I also know it's hard to plug in a coffee maker in the woods. Hahahaha. But, it was really fun reading all the other great answers. Good and bad. Because in this case, bad is awesome!

Cori: Admittedly, I had no idea what it was. I think my first guess was "some kind of heater?"  My second guess, "A cheese grater?" JStew is right, I'm not afraid of the outdoors, I've just been told it's safer for the outdoors if I stay in. Also, I'm not aloud near anything that might catch fire. I'm kind of a walking-talking hazard! I knew this would be a fun one for folks to guess on!

Obviously, people who do any amount of camping, or grew up in a different era immediately recognized this old fella. And everyone else's answers were, well.... unique. Hahaha. Check 'em out:

Paul Keezer The mask of Sparta.
Marilyn Christian Dust catcher!
Ann Pinkham Briggs Broiler
Brenda Smith Broiler tray
Mary Ross The underside of a floor register
Rob Irwin Cheese grater... I'm wrong , but at least it's a guess.
Lin Briggs Camp fire toaster
Joanne Meader handle bar grip
Keri Whitney A campfire toaster
Dan Valdez Fly zapper
Thomas Brown Heater
Kelly Mahar Electric heater
Nancy Gildred Gas grill grid
Elaine Foss Fitzpatrick Floor heating vent!
Casey Perry Toaster
Alton Morrill Grill
Sue Simard-Poliquin Toaster
Mark Sheriff Toaster
Rob Kelley Stove top toaster
Heidi Farquhar Cheese grate
Amber Harvey An old toaster
Sandra Lyn A dirty cheese grater?? LOL
Dennis Bean Not sure..but in the dark with bare feet it would probably feel alot like a Lego!
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