Since cannabis became legal in Maine, you see it everywhere.

Now, I don't mean everywhere you go, you see people lighting up huge joints in public. Although, you do actually see that from time to time. But just in Bangor alone, there are tons of weed stores. Some for medical, some for recreation, but all designed to make a ton of cash. Maine has brought in tens of millions in taxes collected from cannabis sales.

Supermarket trolley with marijuana leafs and medical cannabis oil cbd

But even though it's legal, there's the idea that perhaps you should just tone it down a notch. It may not always be a good idea to advertise that you have a bunch of grass in your whip. You could either A) get robbed, or B) the cops could pull you over for a "loose plate light" so they can ask you a question or two about your choices on displaying what may be in your car.

But this car takes the cake. And eats it too. Because, you know...

I saw this photo on Reddit, and I totally LOL'd. First off, some of what they've done here is hilarious. The modification of "Toyota" to "yo" and "Corolla" to "rolla" and adding joint to the end? Brilliant. I laughed my a@@ off. Basically now the back of the car reads, "Yo. Rolla Joint." And the vanity plate simply asking, Got Weed? Bold move...

They also get special points for loving Bangtown, as evidenced by the "I Love Bangor" sticker on the car. Then things take a left turn with some political stickers, but hey weed guy... you do you.

Here's the real deal behind all this madness...

I noticed the Mainely Sungrown logo at the top of the back window. So these guys run a medical cannabis delivery service here in the Bangor area. Which a fantastic service for folks who need medical cannabis but may not be mobile for whatever reason. These guys do that part of the work. So that would explain the willingness to go all-in on their branding, hahaha.

Still... (To) yo (ota) (co)rolla joint... That's funny AF.


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