JStew: I'm just young enough that they've always been around since junior high, but also just old enough to have been using the most archaic, old-school computers on Earth. We had Commodore computers before the 64k even. If you wanted to play Oregon Trail or something like that, you actually had to load the code into it via cassette. Yes, cassette. Not a floppy disk or anything that advanced. An analog tape to run a "digital" computer. Oh the humanity.....

Cori: I remember walking into Mrs. Baker's 4th grade class at the Asa C. Adams School in Orono, and sitting down to a huge white computer. Pushing the on button, none of us knew what they heck to expect. We had been taking "typing" lessons on word processors up at the high school, but we had never seen anything quite like this.

The first game we learned to play was Oregon Trail.


When my family got our first computer (an old IBM, I think) I used to play "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. That was cool.

Then when I got a little older, the internet came out. That AOL dial-up sound will forever be stuck in my head.


As will the sound the AOL instant messenger made.

We put it out to Facebook and the airwaves this morning about your crazy throwback computer stories. There were some awesome tales of simpler, yet more confusing times.

Tim Tosh When I was like 13 I went to dicks.com on the family living room computer so my mom could order me paintballs.. you know the rest.
Paul Moore I still don't computer that much
Scott Simmons I barely got past “ctrl-alt-delete”. I actually couldn’t make it work.
James Naaykens Jr TRS 80 from radio shack. It was all command line drive, 1985
Sheena Turner I remember computer class in elementary school and learning how to type and later learning games like Oregon trail and Carmen San Diego
Carrie Mitchell Dial-up modems & using AOL, big mistake! It dialed a Bangor number to connect and my parents were stuck with a huge phone bill!
Andy Soule This morning on my kitchen table. The screen seems to have a problem I’ll have to stop by RadioShack later.
Photo Andy Soule
Photo Andy Soule
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