For this Throwback Thursday, were curious what your best, or worst, V-Day experiences were? Should we issue a trigger warning just in case? Hahaha.

JStew: Oddly enough, Valentine's Day itself is the probably the worst present I've ever gotten for Valentine's Day. In my checkered past before marriage, it seemed V-Day always was too hyped up, overblown, and never met it's expectations. The worst one though, was getting dumped by a girl named Niffer at the 7th grade Valentine's Dance...after "going together" for about 8 minutes. Oh well. Best ever? That's sooooo easy. I remember my sophomore year (1990), I got my first CD player for Christmas. The following V-Day, my mother got me a copy of ...And Justice For All by Metallica. I immediately slapped headphones on and disappeared into the musical realms. I may have gotten dumped the next day by a girl named Jenn, because I forgot to call her because I was so engrossed in my new CD. Oh well.

Cori: I'm not sure I can remember a romantic Valentine's Day memory. But I think my favorite and the most memorable Valentine's Day memory came the year I got divorced, funny enough. I had gone through a pretty awful 18 months before it was finalized, and after 13 years, I dreaded that first Valentine's Day. I poured my energy into treating my kids with cards and chocolates, and planned to just keep my head down low and stay off social media that afternoon, as most who are single tend to do, I think. But a few of my fellow mom friends, who are exceptional human beings with big hearts, showed up at random points throughout the afternoon with flowers, chocolates and cards. It was actually one of the nicest things I've ever had happen to me, and it changed the way I thought about the holiday. You can spread love that day without the romantic component, and have it mean even more. So, to all my single pals out there, instead of being down in the dumps this Valentine's Day, look for ways to make another person's day a little sweeter. That will keep your heart feeling full, I promise.

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Your answers were happy and sad, all at the same time. Let's check 'em out...

Ben MacMillan Grandmother never fails to send me a miniature box of chocolates, she’s been doing it since I can remember, definitely my favorite valentine but dont tell my fiancée
Sandra Lyn It's my birthday too so it's not as romantic for me as it might seem to others. I DID get a pair of boots last year but HEY! I need some love too, eh?? LMAO
John Soule my sun was born on feb 14
Dennis Bean A lot of people think my color is red because I play with Fire Trucks all day. But I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, or the color red. My color is blue.


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