For today's Throwback Thursday, we wondered if there was a day in your life you'd happily go back in time and do all over again if you could?

JStew: It's a toss up for me... There are so many. If I narrowed it down to a few, it'd go something like this, in no particular order. Christmas Eve 1986 when I got my first drumset. Every moment of that day is pretty much frozen into my mind. My first real, big gig. My high school cover band got to open for Glass Tiger (Remember those guys? Me neither, haha) in Canada. There were about 5000 people there, and it was an absolute blast. I played much bigger shows after that, but that was my first taste of being a rock star, not that I ever really was one. I'd love to re-live my last day with my grandfather. Nothing special about it, it was just the last one. My wedding day would be another one. KStew still puts up with me after 15 years... And I'd love to go back to my last day with my dad too. He was very ill, but he and I sat telling jokes right up until the end. I know that's not one day, but all these days have equal billing in my mind. I'd also re-live any day hanging out with my mom. She's still very much alive and kicking, but my mom made me the man I am, without question. Every time I hang with my mom is pure gold.

Cori: There are a couple of days I remember well from childhood. But there are a particular set of memories that stand out in a way, over the rest. And I think I'd love to have had any of those days go on for longer.

I came from pretty modest means, so my family never really took vacations, like many others we knew. But we would make it a point, every summer,  to drive from Orono to Biddeford to meet up with a family we had knows overseas. This family, who lived in Austria, would spend a few weeks visiting family here in Maine. They had kids the same ages as my sister and brothers and I, and we would usually spend a night with them at their grandparent's, when we'd visit. And every night we were there, we'd always play the most epic battle of Hide-And-Go-Seek around the neighborhood. Boys VS Girls, complete with home bases and sometimes even squirt guns and ice-cream sandwiches. It was the absolute most fun we had all year. One year we also went with this same family to Funtown Splashtown, and that was a huge treat for us. I remember being so excited to drive those antique cars around the track. I'd like to relive any one of those visits over again.

Here are your memories... Some very sweet, some bittersweet.

Cathy Prescott Sunday when my dad took me to church
Cheryl McManus The last family reunion when my grandmother was still with us.
Marcy Litman Any day that I spent with my dad.
Dave Tayes  August 20, 2003, the birth of my son Nikoh Nickerson. Or some other day with him involved. Sappy, cliched, sure. But it’s just the way it is.
Sandra Lyn ANY day I had with my best friend "brother". He passed in 1998 but for the first 22yrs of my life I never laughed alone. A full day with him?? Course I'd just end up wanting more...
Sheldon Ka'Voch Eugene Strout Jr. One more day with both sets of grandparents
Chris Blank Tomorrow.
Micki back One of my best memories was back in 1977, when I was 7 years old, under the apple tree with one of the neighbors. Oh, I ran around an told everyone and we got in trouble after that, but back in them days they didn't care!
John Highstreet When Active Culture headlined at Bumstock.
Mike Nugent The day that I had the chance to renew my car’s extended warranty.
Jonathan O'Donnell Day of my 2nd date with my wife.
Luke Smith The day High Risk opened for Glass Tiger, in Canada.
Kari Jo Davis Sept. 1986, I got my driver's license.
Jon Clemons Pretty sure it’d be the day I was the GM of Port City Music Hall and Mastodon played there. I got to hang with them all day, blaze and got all my friends the vip section for the show. Great times. Pretty much anytime during that period of my life would be cool.


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